We were hounded with paperwork by Club Melia the second after checking into our room in Punta Cana this past December. They told us that we would receive free breakfasts, lunches, excursions if we just give them a minute of our time. Our *** selves decided to do it, and we were brought to the 'members only' part of the resort where they showed us the free childcare center we can receive if we want to take kids with us (we don't have kids), all-inclusive meals we will be receiving, as well as the loaded up master suite (refridge stocked with beverages and alcohol). We both thought this was a good deal and it would be a good idea bc we'll be forced to go on vacation since we'll be paying for it every month. We made sure to ask Eduardo Brugal (the rep who signed us up) if all this is included at every resort we choose, and he assured us it is.

After booking our first vacation with them (booked it in March), we found out the awful lies we were told! First, we were under the impression that all the resorts were all-inclusive everywhere in the world. Well, they're not. We were told that we had to spend $200 in order to book this vacation with them since it was with RCI (another timeshare company they partner with)- which we were unclear about and the representative didn't explain it clearly to us. We sucked it up and paid the $200, then we got a phone call 1 month later after booking our vacation, asking if we want to spend $500 per person to make this all-inclusive. We were already spending that much per month, plus almost $1000 every other year for maintenance fees. We were confused bc we thought that all vacations we booked were all-inclusive, something that we were told. We found out (after multiple phone calls) that only the home resorts are all-inclusive which was a total of about 14, and most were located in Domincan Republic and Mexico!

Second, the sales representatives will tell you anything in order to sign up. Eduardo Brugal and his sales manager mentioned to us that there is a buy-back option in case we're unhappy with the membership for any reason, which put us at ease with this decision. Well, when I emailed customer service inquiring about this, she said they no longer offer that! The representatives we signed up with never mentioned that there can be a chance that the Club will not buy back memberships. I called customer service this time, and the sales rep mentioned that they never had this option! We were misled into believing that if we were unhappy, we can sell the membership back to them. After multiple emails back and forth with customer service, they gave me the email of the quality assurance executive that is responsible for sales in Punta Cana. He was absolutely useless and did not help at all. I asked for his supervisor's email as well as the CEO so maybe they can help me, and I have since received an email back. I attempted to contact Eduardo Brugal, and have yet to hear from him as well!

We realized that the money we are putting into this vacation club is ONLY FOR A ROOM!! Waste of money!! We are worried that if we stop payment, that this will affect our credit score. We are in the process of finding legal representation. We are surprised that company's like this exist!!

Review about: Sol Melia Vacation Club Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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They totally scammed me too. Lied about everything.


The sellers are thieves. Something like this happened to us in Puerto Vallarta, a man with the name of Jesús Zarate Escobedo sold us shares with lies and intimidation.

He also demanded cash that was never returned to us and did not give us any receipt. What a thief!

We are old and afraid. We decided to never go back to Puerto Vallarta because we are afraid of him.


We joined the Melia Club and were told ZERO lies. They explained everything in specific detail and took the time to answer every question I had.

Which, by the way, if you're going to invest $10K+, you'd better make sure you understand everything about the investment you're making.

Sounds like you made assumptions about what you get, then are transferring that lack of knowledge into a fantasy that you were lied to.

Yes properties are all inclusive, but htey were quite clear that was an expense beyond the master suite you receive.

I've stayed in some of the nicest properties I've ever seen and been treated like royalty when I got there.


I dont know if im too late Rosedmb@yahoo.com. I am so disappointed in this program


I got the same problem and want out of this contract. How do I do it? If anyone knows please let me know.



We are extremely unhappy with Club Melia membership as well. They told us alot of lies and told us they they will buy back our membership if our circumstances changes and we could not keep the membership.

Now they are refusing to do so.

Very painful experience and I feel extremely cheated. Is there a way to recover the money?

to Anonymous Nanikon, Zurich, Switzerland #1216243

Hi there, just read what you said about Club Melia. We are in exactly the same situation. Have you found a way to recover the money ?


Sir you are a liar, I have a membership and they did explain to me that meals are NOT included in the package. So please don't confuse others that are thinking of getting involved.

What I recommend is to get all the facts before signing on the dotted line, it's a great program if you know how to use it...


Im having the same problems. They completely lied about their service and what they offered. Im fighting to cancel the contract even if i lose my deposit m.


Email us we want to be part of the lawsuit toufic@bagelandcafe.com

San Juan, San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico #1042669

Can't agree more!!!!! Let's do something about it open a group lawsuit!!!!!!


Did you find legal representation ? I need for one same reason

Melbourne, Florida, United States #799857

The same thing happened to me. Bernard Seid, from Melia sold the membership to our family.

He told me that it was all inclusive. I deposited $7500 that they refused to return to us. I am not sure if legal representation is going to help since I as told that the contract occurred outside of the US. But, I do think that a class action against Melia would be good.

Please contact me at leslybaz@aol.com if you intend to pursue action any further.

In the meantime, please visit http://sol-melia-vacation.blogspot.com/2014/03/club-melia-scam-timeshare-scam-melia.html?showComment=1396014917978

One thing that I know, you can stop payment and dispute the charges with your credit card. I got 9K back but they stole my down payment of 7500

to Lesly Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1245028

What happened after you stopped paying?

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