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I have been a member of the Melia Vacation club of over ten years. I purchased my membership at the Club Melia in Puerto Rico and have enjoyed staying in the Melia hotels everywhere from Europe, the Caribbean as well as the United States.

I just recently made a reservation to stay at the Melia Orlando as well as the Melia Inntown in New York in September. While making this, reservation it was never brought to my mentioned that my gold membership days were limited because Melia was in the process of selling my paid in full membership of over $29000 dollars account to Coco beach Vacation Club. Yesterday I received a letter informing me that my contact at Club Melia was sold to Coco Beach Puerto Rico and that I was no longer a Club Melia member. I called Melia, and they informed me that yes I was no longer a Melia member and that I could no longer make reservations with the club.

I tried to address the issues that I joined the Melia Vacation club for the Melia brand, services, and quality of their hotels and that I did not join the hotel in Puerto Rico. If they sold the hotel, they should have notified me and given me the option to stay with Melia and having my contact moved to another Melia Resort. They then provided me with a number to Cocoa Beach club and said that I would have to discuss the matter with them because I was no longer affiliated with the Melia. I feel that this is a breach of contract because now I was told that any future stay at the resort would have to be made through RCI.

I have stayed at RCI before, and they do not come close to the quality that I purchased with the Melia. I am in the process of writing the BBB and also seeking legal counsel.

I believed The Melia Vacation Club should have given the Puerto Rico members an option first or a full refund before doing what they did without notification to its member. This is terrible business because I joined the Melia Vacation club and I do not want to be affiliated with the Cocoa Beach Club.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sol Melia Vacation Club Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $29900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am in the same situation. Please add me to any information/litigation communication.


Thank you. I am in the same boat.

I would like join the lawsuit. Please email me at


Hey my name is Eve May I just found out about coco beach vs Melia club , looks like I am loosing my membership as well which I also paid in full. Can I join you with a lawsuit.


I agree. I am in the same boat and they give me the run around when I call and transfer me to Coco Beach.

I'm interested in suing them. Has anyone gone this route yet?


I totally agree!! We were never notified either. We all were left to fend for ourselves.


we started a FB page to unite as many PR owners as possible to get organized Find it under: Melia Coco Beach Owners


The same thing happened to me. My membership was paid in full and I don’t know what to do now.

Also I am just realizing I have been paying maintenance fees on an inaccessible resort because I have been overseas. Please let me know any information you have.


I look into the DEPARTAMENTO DE ASUNTOS DEL CONSUMIDOR website in Puerto Rico ( for cases against Sol Melia and found a couple of recent ones (April and March 2019), some of them have been resolved some others archived. Knowing that Sol Melia had only one property in Puerto Rico it wouldn't surprise me they will close their corporation there soon, I feel we should move soon with a class action soon.

The new owners are incapable to fulfill the contract responsibilities until they formally reopen the hotel; I still haven't heard what is going to happen with the current options I had paid for this year (not to say all other aspects of the old contract). How many of us are willing to pursue compensation with a legal action? Has the process started? I'm waiting to hear back from the attorney mentioned on the comments of this post.

Please keep me in the loop.

J. Delgado +1 514 466 5088


We need a hand count of Club Melia members who do not agree in that Melia sold our vacation timeshare without our consent to Coco Beach Resort @ Rio Grande, PR which it's timeshare concept will be handled by RCI. I spent $25,000 initially plus countless yearly maintenance fees, plus all of the miscellaneous fees in making a reservation, plus the upcharges when staying w/ timeshare options or points whatever they call them. Count me in for the class action suite vs Melia


I'm in, ready to take legal action .. customer since 2011 loosing 39,000 myself


They sold and took away my Club Melia membership which I bought back 12-13 year ago at Puerto Rico, cherished it and enjoyed it.. They sold the property of Melia@ Coco Beach , Rio Grande, PR to a bunch of investors recently and never gave us an option or a say.

as what to do wioth the membership.They tried to sell me The Circle concept for $10,000 as an upgrade 2 years ago. I was not interested at that time and now they tell me that if I have bought The Circle concept I and other members who have bought it would be "protected" from the sale.

This looks like a con type, mafia type tactic. Whoever has been affected and interested by the cancellation of the Club Melia member ship in Puerto Rico, please let's get together and figure this one out with an attorney specializing in class action suits


They tried to sell me on “The Circle” in the DR as well. I visited in February 2019 and the push to buy in was strong because my Melia/PR was paid in full and they didn’t know when the property would be up and running.

Never did they mention the sale and loss of Melia membership.

Count me in!


I'm sending an email right now.


Emailed the lawyer..waiting for a reply


I've sent an email to the lawyer, I'm interesting in joining the class suit but we'll have to review the terms of the representation, I'm loosing $39,900 to Melia don't want to risk any more money with legal fees. please keep me posted


I am one of the disgusted consumers that my membership with Sol Melia Vacation Club a/k/a Melia Club Vacation Club and Club Melia sine 2007,got sold without my consent to Coco Beach Resort (RCI) @ Rio Grande, PR this 2019. What type of information does the attorney need from me or the rest of us to jump start the Class Action Suit vs Club Melia? I am interested Thank you John A Napoli San Juan, PR


Just email the attorney. He just email me asking for a copy of my contact. I checked out his firm and he is legitimate.


I emailed the lawyer today, and asking him what type of information he needs to proceed.


I am emailing the attorney today, hopefully I'll hear back soon.


Please enter a class action suit. If we all stand together. I don’t want RCI I want what I bought I’m out $86,000